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Altai Discovery Team Altai Discovery Team


We are happy to see you at the adventurers’ site – Altai Discovery Team! We are happy that our team will grow with people who saw Altai!

Altai Discovery Team organizes expeditions and tours to the sacred places of Siberia - Altai Mountains (Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan) and Great Lakes like Baikal, Hubsugul, etc.  We invite you to explore Virgin Nature, ancient and modern Culture and Traditions of the Cradle of Civilization – Altai region – the Motherland of Turks.

Altai Mountain Country is situated on the four countries lands – Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. Its sacred Mountains such as Belukha (Three Holy Peaks, 4 506 m.) and Tabyn Bogdo Ola (Five Holy Peaks, 4370 m) are natural borders between the modern states. From the Stone Age, Altai was – perfect place to live for many tribes, the most famous of them – Scythians, Huns and Turks left a deep mark in the history of the Great Steppe.

Legends, adventures, sights, festivals – Altai Discovery Team is to show you the most interesting places in the most ergonomic conditions! We are here to organize Your perfect trip like trekking, thematic photo-tour, scientific expedition, horse-ridding-tour, national holidays, Wild life-  and bird- watching or jointed categories routes and destinations.

We offer all-inclusive pockets of discovering and expeditions throw Altai Mountains. Everything is in the balance – comfort, safety, Impressions, information, good food – good mood). We take care of everything - comfortable camping, transport, guiding, cooking - safe and comfortable travel through wild nature.

We are open for cooperation both with Individuals and Group Leaders.

Our Tour Planner 2018 starts from the early  Spring and finishes in a deep Autumn.

Join us and Discover Your own Altai!


With love to Altai,
Altai Discovery Team