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Do you have any updates regarding the proposed gas pipeline, which is supposed to follow the M-52? Is it going to happen? I heard Gazprom signed the documents regarding guarantees for exported volumes and basic price agreements, something that looks rather final. If you could point me to any serious, somewhat impartial source, I would greatly appreciate it. Hard information is kinda tough to get for me - of course I know about the campaigns regarding the environmental damage etc., but I would like to see whether there are any actual signals in the Russian press: is this going to happen? What is the general feeling? How do you feel about it? Will it follow exactly the M-52, and if not, at what distance is it supposed to lead? I only recently found out about it, and after seeing Altai only this summer, am absolutely aghast that such thing is possible: however, both politically and economically it looks as a hugely profitable venture and I am very, very afraid that this thing will get a go from the federal government. Thank you for any response, Yours Stepan

Hi, Stepan!

all we know is that this pipeline is going to be in few years... it won't follow M-52 but it'll take place in Chuya Steppe and Ukok Plateau - and this is not good news... Any way, local people don't acually worry, especially who has lands on the pipeline route - the government promise them to pay great summs.

If you r interesting in our point of view - we're not glad that it\s going to happen, but unfortunately we can't do anything - the desigion is already taken by Republic government and locals don't mind... So may be they will be a little bit happier than now and we will be pray that this pipeline will be safe for enviroment... And may be... Altai will protect Himself from such future at all, who knows)

Kind regards,


What do you think is so magical about Altai Republic?

How can we explain the Magic? Only magician could do that! And we are just spectators who do want or do not want to perceive this miracles and tricks shown to us.

Altai and its Nature are the two great Wizards. Spectator’s attention entirely belongs to them. Do you know their famous tricks with Time disappearance and possibility to be dissolved in Space?! Have you ever looked forward at 80 kilometers and saw clearly the high mountain ridges covered with snow-white caps through all this Distance? This is the Chuya Steppe – the south of Russian Altai, where it borders on Mongolia, China, Hakasia, Tuva and Kazakhstan. 

There are lots of riddles that passed by ancient people in the rock-paintings (petroglyphs) and inscriptions, barrows and stone steles. This is permanent attraction for the mind and full freedom for your imagination!


Every mountain, river, lake, falls and valley has its own name, spirit-owner and a legend. Not all legends have reached us, not all legends are told to visitors, nevertheless, it is possible to learn a lot of interesting facts and tales about Altai. For example, the mistress of Altai – Katun (from turks “Kadyn” - sovereign) was the daughter of great Khan and fallen in love with  young Batiy. They tried to escape from her father and to save their love... but with no success,  Katun became a beautiful river and her fiancé became the mountain ridge. 

There were two sisters – beautiful one and not such pretty second girl. The envy have forced not pretty girl to kill her white-skin sister. In despair their father turned his pretty daughter into the greatest mountain in Altai – Belukha and the second daughter he turned into the lake which always reflects the beauty of her sister.

Long time ago there was a severe hunger in Altai, there was no food in any yrta (traditional house). One man had a big piece of gold sized as the horse head and he decided to change gold for food. He visited many yrtas but nobody had any food at all. He has climbed Altyntu (Gold Mount), damned his poor life and severe gods and has thrown out the gold into the Lake and then he also jumped into the water. This story every year makes divers to discover the treasure in the Teletsky Lake also known as Altyn Kol – Golden Lake.

And due to its geographical location as the center of Eurasia, Altai creates the energy miracles. Charges batteries of your organism, solar-powered, washes your body and spirit with fatigue torrents. Have you ever visited the resort, created by nature itself - mineral streams and boulders, healing from various diseases? ...

We couldn’t count all the miracles of the Altai! Come and be surprised!)))

What is Altai?

Altai is the awesome huge region in the middle of Eurasia! (Mountains included).

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