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The Teletsky Lake is the greatest lake of the Altai republic; it fills the tectonic hollow processed by an ancient glacier. Its area is about 223 cubic km with average width – 3, 2 km, length about 80 km, and the maximum depth of 325 m. - with these indicators the Lake was included into the list of the 15 deepest lakes of the world.

The river Chulyshman runs into the Lake from the south and from the northern part the right inflow of Ob – the river Bija follows, about 80 small rivers fall into lake at all - the fresh water volume makes 40 000 cubic meters.

The lake has two marked gulfs - Kamginsky in the north and Kyginsky in a southern part and two islands - one tiny at the Azhi cape and a bigger one - Kaim island (in the Chulyshman delta). East part of Teletsky Lake enters into borders of the Altay national park - the basic science centre which is studying the nature of Teletsky district.

The lake is rich with fish and woody surrounded areas full of the life. People settled at its North part a long time ago but the southern part still has the primitive charm due to its inaccessibility. In altaian language the name of Teletsky Lake sounds as the Altyn-Kol and means a Gold Lake, but this lake also known as a Pearl of Altai.

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