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Valley of Chulyshman

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River Chulyshman Valley - The Wind Land

The valley of the Chulyshman river is represented by a big canyon with more than 130 km length. There are only two ways to reach it – the first is aquatically through Teletsky Lake and the second is the overland way by a car through Katu-Jaryk pass. 

The cleanest Chulyshman river begins at the glacial lake Dzhulukulja, on the way incorporating with smaller rivers and streams from numerous falls. Spreading in its Delta, mighty Chulyshman runs into the Teletsky Lake, inflows 70 % of its waters. It is the fine river for a rafting. The main tributary is the Bashkaus river. 

The Wind named “Phoen” run the show here by creating a special microclimate of a canyon and Teletsky lake. The Phoen is enough unusual natural phenomenon- it is a strong warm Wind, which is generated as a result of a huge difference of pressure – cyclones of Northern areas and South anticyclones of the Altai. When they are crossed, at the valleys which direction coincides with a direction of air streams - from the south to the north arises the Phoen .

One of the famous sight of Chulyshman is the Unchar Falls – the biggest cascade falls of Siberia with height of water falling - 160 m. It's a difficult 4 hours mountain footpath to get there. The path crosses many streams and small rivers and somewhere runs through stone screes, but anyone who managed to overcome it will be awarded with the unforgetable view of Unchar and after refreshing in its mighty waters will get new power for the entire year!

Another place of interest of Chulyshman is "Stone Mushrooms" in natural boundary Akkurum (Ak-Korum). These Mushrooms formed as a result of aeration of the rock comprising huge boulders. From the Akkurum opens a brethtaken panorama to the river valley. 

Places of the route: