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Car and bicycle expedition " Spring at Pamir , Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan "

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We are pleased to announce the new season of Altai Discovery Team expeditions 2014!

And we start with a great surprise – totally different altitude and beauty of Blossoming Pamir – combined car and bike expedition at the Roof of the World!

In ten days of the route’s active part we will cover about 1800 km (bike part is 350 km – 4 days) through seven mountain passes, amazing peaks of Pamir,  rapid rivers, serene lakes and thermal springs. Journey is available not only for sportsmen but also for photographers and just nature-lovers who want to discover Pamir with us. As for logistic car we have the equipped expedition SUV-  GAS "Sadko" and our Mitsubishi Delica as well.


In early May in the Ferghana Valley (the starting point of our trip) begins the first harvest  crop of strawberries and daytime temperatures rise up to 25 C. However, our route runs at an average altitude of about 3500 m above sea level, which automatically lowers the temperature  to 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day and up to 5 C at night. 

Day by day:

Day 1 . Meeting at the airport in Osh - the second largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Hotel check in . Dinner. Visiting  local market  or the museum .

Day 2 . Osh -Murghab ( 440 km by car)

Early wake-up . Road to the Alai valley with good asphalt and passes Chiyirchik and Taldyk ( Pamir- Alai) . Tajik- Kyrgyz customs usually deserted and it takes not more than 2 hours to cross it.

Rise to the Pamir – from the Kyzyl -Art  pass the broken asphalt  of former Soviet Union begins. At the right side we can see the largest lake of the Pamir – Karakul, at the left – barbwire border with China , and ahead Ak – Baytal pass ( 4655 m) .

Overnight in a guest house in Murghab (3600 m) .

Day 3 . Murghab – Hargush pass (170 km by car) , downhill  Hargush pass - Langar (85 km by bike) .

The first active day. Well, finally stretch our bones from long driving. If weather allowed, we are going to start long downhill from Hargush pass (4300 m) almost till  the Afghan border (2800 m) .

Overnight in guest house.

Day 4.  Langar - Bibi Fatima-Zohra thermal spring (82 km by bike).

The road goes along the Wakhan corridor. Authentic villages are all around. Visiting Buddhist monument in Vrang  village (4th century BC). Bike part – downhill  from the altitude of 1600 m, last 7 km uphill (500 m) to the hot spring . Walk through ruins of ancient fortress Yamchun .

Overnight in the sanatorium.

Day 5 . Yamchun - Iskashim (85 km by bike)

Asphalt. Villages . Feeling of Spring is rising with every kilometer. Fortress of Kaahka . On the other side of the valley, at the Pakistan’s side, we can see the highest peak of the Hindu Kush - Mount Tirich Mir ( 7700 m , the Abode of the Gods ) . Along the way, an impressive canyon of Darshay  river.

Overnight in the guesthouse in Iskashim.

Day 6 . Iskashim - Garm Chashma  thermal spring (78 km by bike)

Asphalt. The road goes along the border with Afghanistan, we will see authentic Afghan villages on the other side.  Light  Uphill to the most famous and well-maintained thermal spring in the Pamirs - Garm Chashma .


Overnight in the sanatorium.

Day 7. Garm Chashma - Dzhelandy (170 km by car)

Morning bathing. Today is a day off  from the bike.  An excursion to the Botanical Gardens in Khorog . Then, our path lies along a beautiful gorge to Gunta Dzhelandy mountain spring .

Overnight in the sanatorium.

Day 8. Dzhelandy -  Jashilkul lake - Karakul (400 km cars , bike - 50 km )

Morning bathing. Early departure . Ascent to the Pamir plateau through Koytezek pass ( 4271 m). Visiting Jashilkul alpine lake. For those who have not tired - 50 km downhill from the Akbaital  pass ( 4655 m).

Overnight at the guesthouse in Karakul ( 3800 m) .

оз Яшилькуль

Day 9. Karakul - Osh (280 km by car)

Morning spectacular scenery on  Karakul lake. After short walk in Karakul village, going  back to Osh. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10. Spare. Bike on a deserted Pamir plateau on the 8th day, dirt road at a height of 3800 m: Yashilkul lake - Alichur Valley (70 km).

Day 11. Fly home.

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