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Discovering of the Space of Possibilities - Belukha Mount (East)


We are going to Mensu Icefall at Mensu Glacier - but without hike there. Mensu is situated near Belukha East Peak (4506) and we can see it from the glacier - this is our goal. We don't want to hike to Belukha because we believe that as far as She is the Holly Mount people shouldn't even try to reach her peak. But we can come closer and see Her Beauty from the Mensu Wonder -  Glacier and Icefall. To get there we will have a long way. First, it'll be car journey on M-52 to Kosh-Agach, then jeeping through Chuya Steppe to Dzhazator and the final point is Argut village where we live cars for 9 days. 

From Argut we start our trekking rout - 80 km. All stuff in trekking will be carried by horses, so you need to keep only water and camera with you. The maximum trek per day - 18 kms. 6 days without electricity in absolutely wild Nature of Katun Ridge. Swift mountain rivers, alpine fields, coniferous forest, small waterfalls and huge glaciers are waiting to be discovered by you!)

Places of the route: