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Discovery of the Nature Wonders of Altai Republic and El-Oiyn 2020

We invite You to discover Nature Wonders of the Altai Mountains – Chulyshman valley – the Land of Wind Foen and hidden in highlands Shavla Lakes.

Narrow paths through the Oroi Pass (2200m) lead to the treasury of the mountain ice - Shavla Lakes.  Shavla Lakes - the chain of two lakes underneath three Wight Tops of the North-Chuya Ridge: Dream, Fairy Tale and Beauty (up to 3700 meters).

We are going to visit the magic Wind Land – the valley of Chulyshman River - a big canyon with more than 130 km length. This is the homeland of the wind Phoen – the warm strong wind which creates unimaginable landscape and unique climate of this region. Chulyshman valley is famous with its sights such as Stone Mushrooms and the biggest cascade falls of Siberia – Unchar (160 m)

There were few words about our Discovering part of  Nature Wonders of Altai Republic and El-Oiyn 2020program.

As for the Physical part of Your Altai visit – few interesting trekkings, 6 days of horse riding, jeeping, camping, swimming and many many kilometers driving through view-changing landscapes of Mountain Land.

And the most important  part of any journey is the Soul part – here’s no concurrent  to Altai with its Energy! We will visit amazing  powerful places  such as  Ulagan Plateau, Chulyshman Valley with its biggest cascade waterfall in Siberia – Unchar,  Kalbyk-Tash  petroglyphs - stone-book of Ages, river merges and Glacial Lakes...


As You can see, this Route is perfect:)  but…  Altai Discovery Team made it better than perfect!

We add a very random spice – National Holiday El-Oiyn 2018!

The unique culture and sport festival of descendants of Turks - Altaians El-Oiyn takes place once in two years. Three days all the altaian tribes represent their skills of the  throat singing, kaychi singing (old legends telling), native kinds of sport and of course, every nomads festival comprises horse racing as the main part of the show.


 This year it will be the 30th Anniversary of the festival and the Government decided to celebrate it in the Ulagan district. 
Join Us to Discover Your own Altai in the most ergonomic travel conditions!     

Places of the route: