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Transfer Siberia - Mongolia

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If you want go to Mongolia after you trip in Altai or you  just explore Transsiberian and next point is Mongolia  and you need just comfortable transfer – now we can provide it for you!

We meet  you at the airport (Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaisk, Barnaul)and settle in a hotel if it’s necessary.  Then few variants:

I.  Novosibirsk, Russia – Gorniy Altai Republic of RF - Bayan Ulgen, Mongolia – 3 days\2 nights.  

  • 1         day: departure time - 8 am. from Novosibirsk  or  15 pm from Gorno-Altaisk, here we’re going to sleep.
  • 2         day: departure time – 7 am. , 6  hours way to Aktash, where getting permitions for the Kosh-Agach area visiting and 2 hours road to Kosh-Agach.
  • 3         day: Kosh-Agach – Tashanta – passing the border – arrival time to Bayan Ulgen 16-00.

Price per car (max 5 persons): $1550

II.  Novosibirsk, Russia – Gorniy Altai Republic of RF - Bayan Ulgen, Mongolia – 2 days\1 night.

  • 1 day:  Transfer - Novosibirsk – Aktash – 800 km, time in the way 12-14 hours.
  • 2 day: Transfer – Aktash, Altai – Bayan Ulgen, Mongolia – 280 km – 6-8 hours + time for border pass.

Price per car (max 5 persons): $1330

III.  Novosibirsk, Russia – Gorniy Altai Republic of RF - Bayan Ulgen, Mongolia – 5 days\4 nights.

Same distance but with the stops at the breathtaking places of the Altai Mountains! You can make a sailor-made journey or choose our featured routes.

Price per person \per day - $125

  • Our prices include: all transfers, insurance, food, overnight stay, equipment, sights fee and so on.  
  • Exclude: visa cost, alcohol and tobacco.

!!! Please note that you need to have four  photos 3x4sm.  with you when passing each border!!!   

Places of the route: