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Altai Discovery Team

While traveling in the mountains, we become a part of the one team, and the mood of the whole group depends on the behavior of every member . 



Please make sure that our rules are easily achievable for you and their compliance will not affected on your positive attitude during an expedition.


Basic rules of conduct on owr routes:

1. You must comply with all requirements and instructions of the leaders of expedition as far as we responsible for your safety.

2. Be polite and avoid conflict situations during the expedition.

3. Do not leave the parking and camping areas without notifying the expedition leader or guide.

4. With the passage of difficult and dangerous areas, follow the instructions of the conductors.

5. Smoking during traveling in vans is prohibited and allowed only at the parkings.

6. To observe fire safety rules - do not throw matches, and not extinguished cigarette butts on the ground and make fires on your own without coordination with the conductors.

7.  Do not throw anything on the ground and did not paint on rocks and trees.

8. On the route you are not allowed to eat wild berries, plants, fungi which are not known to you and your guides.