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Altai Discovery Team organizes expeditions and tours to the sacred places of Altai Mountains in Russia and Mongolia. We invite you to explore Virgin Nature, ancient and modern Culture and Traditions of the Cradle of Civilization — Altai region — the Motherland of Turks. Legends, adventures, sights, festivals — Altai Discovery Team is to show you the most interesting places in the most ergonomic conditions!

We offer all-inclusive pockets of discovering and expeditions throw Altai Mountains. Everything is in the balance – comfort, safety, Impressions, information, good food – good mood). We take care of everything - comfortable camping, transport, guiding - safe and comfortable travel through wild nature.

We are open for cooperation both with Individuals and Group Leaders.

Join us and Discover Your own Altai!


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Planner 2023

Berkutchi - Eagle Festival at Mongolian Golden Autumn

Duration 13 days

Date of start -

Level of difficulty 1

Gold Eagle Festival in Mongolia - hunters competition - photo-tour
$ Price on request

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Blossoming Highlands

Duration 10 days

Date of start -

Level of difficulty 2

We would like to show You the Beauty of Primroses of Altai – the Blossoming Highlands!
$ Price on request

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Discovering of the Time - the Gold of Autumn

Duration 10 days

Date of start -

Level of difficulty 2

Discovering of the Golden Colors Time of Altai Mountains at the early Autumn.
$ Price on request

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About us

Denis Frolov

Director, guide

“We are lucky to live near this magic place and we will be happy to become your guides to the timless country - Altai!”

Ksenia Svoboda

Tour-designer, guide, cook

“When I create new Route, first, I'm thinking about how better to immerse You into the Altai Nature... ”


Tatiana Abramova

International manager, guide

“I'm really happy to have the opportunity to show His Majesty Altai to You!”

Altai Discovery Team is the group of professional guides — travelers, participants of off-road expeditions who know how to make your adventurous trip maximum comfortable and pleasant!

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Space Transport:

Off-road professional Mitsubishi Delicas for discoverers. Cars are equipped with walkie-talkie and GPS-navigation system, sockets 220 V.


2-3-person tents, camp kitchen, an awning, chairs, rugs, the socket 220V, satellite phone. Our slogan is “Good food – good mood!”. We always try to make your menu balanced and healthy. Minimum canned products, vegetarian friendly

Member's kit:

individual sleeping bag, tableware, raincoats, insecticide, the first-aid set, a washing powder, gloves and safety cords



What is Siberia? Siberia is 73.5% of the territory of the Russian Federation, it is the northern part of Asia, it is the richest World of Nature, as well as the world of amazing discoveries that change meaning of the History. Siberia is the vast plains from the Northern Ocean to the majestic mountains of Altai and Sayan, life-giving lakes, affluent rivers rich with fish, swampy steppes, transparency of Pineries, windfalls of mixed Forests, deceptive plush of Tundra and mysterious Taiga ... Siberia is a place where many nations and tribes live together side by side, preserving their traditions and languages. Welcome to another World!


Mysterious, inviting, exciting and boundless

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Great, magical, healing, endless

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Unique, crystal clear, different, the deepest

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