Great Mongolia

Mongolia ... Mysterious, distant, alluring. The country with incredibly rich natural resources, small population and the great history.

The Gobi sands preserved dinosaur skeletons, the northern central part presented Chingizkhan to the world, the Khubsugul tectonic lake - in terms of relict flora and water composition is similar to Baikal, thousands of lakes in the intermountain basins of the Mongolian and Gobi Altai, East Sayan, a great number of streams and theries are adjoined with deserts and steppes ... An amazing mixture of opposites.

We organize jeep tours to National Parks, deserts, to lakes and of course - to the festivals - Berkutchi (national hunting with the Golden Eagles) and Naadam (Mongolian Olympiad).

Let's go and see!

Mongolia routes

Berkutchi - Eagle Festival at Mongolian Golden Autumn

Duration 13 days

Date of start 2020-09-25

Level of difficulty 1

Gold Eagle Festival in Mongolia - hunters competition - photo-tour
$ 2150

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