His majesty Baikal

Baikal is truly the greatest lake of Russia - the largest natural reservoir of fresh water and the deepest lake on the Planet!
The length from the southwest to the northeast is 636 km, the width varies from 24 to 79 km. The length of the shoreline lake is 2000 km, the maximum depth is 1642 m. The water reserves in Baikal are huge - 23,615.39 km³ (about 19% of 123 thousand km³ of all world reserves of freshwater). Its size is fascinating, and its beauty is amazing. The Blue Ice or the giant ice ridges of Baikal are beyond any description! As the coastline - surrounded by Sayan! Unmatched transparency of water! Majestic islands and the richest flora and fauna ...
Endemic crustaceans-plankton of the Baikal Epishura (Latin Epischura baicalensis) are responsible for the purity of the water, thanks to them, the transparency of the water reaches 40 meters (in early spring). These crustaceans are the most important nutrient of the famous Baikal omul. Another endemic of the Lake - the Baikal Nerpa - a landmark and mystery of nature - a sea animal in the center of the continent?
Baikal has 336 permanent affluents (according to Mr. Chersky) and the only one river flows out of the sea-lake. Angara River (1779 km) is the largest tributary of the Yenisei and the second river of Russia after Aldan in terms of annual flow (142.47 km3) .

Every fan of Nature needs to visit Baikal! The best time to visit is Summer (from June to September), the best period to contemplate winter Baikal in late February to late March, when the ice is blue and transparent, and in late April - early May, the ice begins to crack and forms amazing ice ridges.

Let's go and see!