Incredible Altai

Altai is an unimaginably beautiful mountain country situated in the middle of the Eurasia continent, unique in its Nature, climate and energetic.
Altai is the central watershed of the continent, a generous source of minerals, striking with its grandeur icepeaks, the purest air, richness of the flora and fauna.
Also, Altai is a cauldron of civilizations, seething with significant historical discoveries and events till present days.
The navel of the Earth - great, magical, healing and endless ...


Altai routes

Blossoming Highlands

Duration 10 days

Date of start 2020-05-28

Level of difficulty 2

We would like to show You the Beauty of Primroses of Altai – the Blossoming Highlands!
$ 1400

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Discovering of the Time - the Gold of Autumn

Duration 10 days

Date of start 2019-09-01

Level of difficulty 2

Discovering of the Golden Colors Time of Altai Mountains at the early Autumn.
$ 1600

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