Berkutchi - Eagle Festival at Mongolian Golden Autumn




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13 days



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Berkutchi – a man with the Bird.

Berkutchi  is a native way  of hunting with eagles traditional for the north part of Mongolia. For a long time, Mongolian hunters use this way of getting food in the winter time.
Today, at the Eagle Festival - Berkutchi, we can see the skills which passed on from generation to generation of hunters. The competition of berkutchies take place near small city Bayan Ulgii in the Golden Autumn time. Hunters must show to public how they can communicate, cooperate with birds and understand their  characters. The distance between hunter and his bird is huge – from the bird’s viewpoint you can see only small figures below.  And the Bird should recognize her berkutchi by voice or costume and understand what the hunter  asks to do. Missions are different: to recognize the hunter from the public, to land in a direct place, to catch a “rabbit” behind the horse or to hunt a fox or a wolf for the final performance.    By the way, all birds are females and not tolerate any aggression. 

Competition takes two days. Except Berkutchi  you can enjoy camel riding, see traditional games, families horse racing, try the local food and even buy bright souvenirs at the festival market.

As far as we go throw amazing Altai Republic, we would like to show you one of the most picturesque place - Chulyshman valley wearing bright colours of Autumn. Short trekkings to the waterfall and Stone Mushrooms will fulfill our program with physical activities.

We bring you in Foothills, Highlands and Steppes that are smothered in the Gold of Autumn – this is just incredible Beauty!