Naadam - Mongolian Olympic games





15 days



Maximum altiude


Route length


Level of difficulty

Altai Mountains are situated at territories of four countries – Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

We invite you in a dizzying tour through Mountains and Culture of Russian and Mongolian parts.

Our trip goals are Naadam Festival in Ulgii and glaciers of famous Tabyn-Bogd  National Park.

Naadam showcases the 3 Manly Sports of Mongolia including wrestling, horse racing, and archery. It is a 2 day event with traditional dress, food, and sports like wrestling, multiple horse races, and an archery event. The Naadam horse race is about 30 km long with dozens of contestants. 

In National Park you’ll see the majestic mountain Tabyn – Bogda – Ola  – Five Sacred Peaks, situated on the territories of Russia, China and Mongolia. Here we will take horseback tours to the glaciers.

In Russian part of Altai – we will show you sacred Warm lake, beauty of Chuya tract and… go rafting in Katun river streams in the end  of trip.