Blossoming Highlands




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10 days



Maximum altiude


Route length


Level of difficulty

We would like to show You the Beauty of Primroses of Altai – the Blossoming Highlands.

This 10-days journey is just perfect for photographers, who can’t stop to take pictures when the real magic beauty is all around. But first of all, this journey is the expedition with elements of jeeping, hiking, trekking and stays overnight in high Mountains.

The beginning of May in Altai is considered to be the Spring with all its pluses and minuses. In one week the weather can change for few times – from very hot sun to the cold rain or even minus 5 C in alpine area. The Weather in Altai is always unpredictable but we provide all the necessary equipment for You to be in comfort conditions anywhere.

Just come and see the Blossoming Altai by your own eyes!

See You There! : )