Our team

Altai Discovery Team is the group of professional guides — travelers, participants of off-road expeditions who know how to make your adventurous trip maximum comfortable and pleasant.
We are lucky to live near these magic Mountains and we will be happy to become your guides to the timeless country — sacred Altai!
We will bring You to the most hard-to-get-to places with luxury off-road transport – Mitsubishi Delicas.
You will eat extremely tasty and fresh food! And You don’t need special skills to travel with us.
All You need is just a wish – to see the Beauty of Mountain Kingdome Altai and we will make it real!

Denis Frolov

Owner AltaiDiscoveryTeam, driver, guide, tour leader.

Ksenia Frolova

Tour designer, english-speaking guide, logist and just great person;)

Natalia Ovanenko

Super cook, botanist, mood creator

Viktor Ovanenko

Driver, photographer

Denis Lytkin

Driver, mechanic, navigator

Alexey Kostin

Driver, mechanic

Tatiana Abramova

English-speaking guide, traveler

Yuliya Usmanova

English-speaking guide, tour leader, traveler

Katerina Kotova

Super guide, cook, florist

Ksenia Nikulina

Cook! Piano teacher

Evgeniy Podolniy



Altai is a teleportation port in the Past, to the primitive civilizations, to their nomadic way of life. Going to travel to this Timeless Land, leave your love to the civilization blessings in Your Future – a hot shower, a convenient toilet, a washing machine, a soft bed and the fast Internet are good on their own place, and you definitely don’t need them here at the Altai. There are some more important things for the Space and Time discovering :)

Here of what we’ve already took care:

Space Transport:

Off-road professional Mitsubishi Delicas for discoverers. Cars are equipped with walkie-talkie and GPS-navigation system, sockets 220 V.


2-3-person tents, camp kitchen, an awning, chairs, rugs, the socket 220V, satellite phone. Our slogan is “Good food – good mood!”. We always try to make your menu balanced and healthy. Minimum canned products, vegetarian friendly

Member's kit:

individual sleeping bag, tableware, raincoats, insecticide, the first-aid set, a washing powder, gloves and safety cords

The list of your “needs to do list” - here (:

Why Altai?

— - Let's start with our first trip together to United Arab Emirates in 1998, that's where we started learning the blessings of Civilization. Than there were wonderful Alps of Czech Republic, Germany and France. The Pyrenees of Spain and unimaginable edge of Continent - Portugal, Lagos, Atlantic Ocean! Crimea - severe and soft at the same time - fantastic mountains and infinite Black sea. Incredible India - incomprehensible Delhi, Tadzh Mahal, the Pink City and our super guide-driver Deu, Goa and tasty Nepal food, Bodgaja and the Tibetan medicine. Small but beautiful Sikkim, Gantok, Konchandzonga (86,), because of a snowfall we missed a trip to the high-mountain lake, but had a great bonus - visit to Karmapa's house. To our surprise, he never heard of Altai, we have corrected a situation and have presented to Him a two-temperature stone from Katun river. Than high-mountain lake in the north of China - shaking Tien Shan! Our recent trip - Vietnam - Halong - the Miracle of the world! Hue, Hoj An, Na Trang, legendary Saigon and, of course, capital Hanoi where we have met Shawn - our the Third for all this unforgettable trip. Our Vietnam has ended with Delta of Mekong, and Cambodia has begun. Contrast Pnom-Penh and amazing Angkor! Inexpressibly, just "must see" place! And full shanty on the Koh Pangan Island at the southwest of the Gulf of Siam, Thailand. Almost all our trips are taken at the winter, the Summer is all for Altai. We've been there many times, but magic of Altai is that it constantly pulls you back. Back to a never-ending energy source where you forget about everything at once, you cease to look at the watch and you look with surprise at something called a car armrest. Altai is the place where you enjoy each breath of the cleanest air and, with improbable pleasure you realize that you are Here and Now+. And, thus, you are engaged in the favorite business of your life - Discovering. And here, you know, a lot of undiscovered things...

Denis and Ksenia